Saturday, August 04, 2007

Wrath of the Lich King Revealed

I really shouldn't but I'm stealing bandwith (78Mb total) to download the trailer for this from 3dgamers :P

The whole destructible buildings concept seems unneeded but hey lets try make another red faction-like game of which these features will probably only be available in instances...

Seems pretty uninteresting but (apart from what I wrote above) I will try to withhold judgement until it comes out as I will inevitably buy^H^H^H pre-order it.

Not only but also, seems like the official wow community site has suffered a slashdot-like effect soon after the anouncement :P

I keep getting "404 Not Found" error every time I try to download it from there:

Not Found

The requested URL /wrath/movies/wrath-trailer/Wrath_Of_The_Lich_King_US.avi-downloader.exe was not found on this server.